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29 – 30 March 2018, Shanghai

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China National Energy Bureau officially announced 2017 – 2020 as the four years of the 13-5 photovoltaic (PV) installation of capacity indicators. The general power plant indicators of 54.5GW, target is expected to be 8GW in 2017, totaling to 32GW in four years, gives a grand total of up to 86.5GW. By 2020, the annual utilisation of solar energy reached more than 1.4 tons of standard coal. In 2016, China's photovoltaic power generation capacity increased by 34.54GW, giving a total capacity of 77.42GW, both the new and cumulative capacity ranks the 1st in the world.

Between January to September in 2017, China's new photovoltaic installation reached a capacity of about 42GW, an increase of 60%, of which 15GW is from distributed installations, giving an increase of 300%, said by Wang Bohua, Secretary General of China photovoltaic industry association.

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